Madras cafe


No matter you deploy RAW, IB, army whatever, greed,lust and moral weakness of a single person can be serious threat for the whole nation and can nullify all genuine efforts by the said fighters. This is truly said that a chain is as strong as its weakest link. There are ‘games’ going on at upper level and we are unaware of single facts..we are unaware of the players movement even when we are used in as mohras. Exactly like in chess only the players knew the moves not pyadas.

About movie. i loved it as its my fav genre. It deals with Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination and conspiracy behind it. Where A weakest link turned to be the cause of the death of strongest man of India. Ethnic war, power game, western corporate’s vested interest are some issues that are dealt.

I am glad that sirkar made such kind of cinema in-spite of box-office-masala-movie-100 crore fear. He chose a different serious issue based script and done justice. i will not talk about actors. because in Such kind of films script prevails. All the character artist are perfect…nergis fakrri is surprisingly good exactly when she was surprisingly bad in rockstar. second time i liked john after aashaye…he didnt show extraordinary performance but no cmplain.

I liked it also because it makes us THINK. And ‘we think therefore we are’. It seeks truth. It never claims that it has shown the WHOLE truth but it compels you also to seek truth. Movie says that rajiv gandhi was assassinated cz of SL-tamilians agenda on top of the list of his election campaign. I personally not satisfied with this fact. But this could be a partial truth but it moves you to seek the whole truth.

At last.I find Madras Cafe a worth watch. May not be entertaining. But personly i was consistently entertained.