10. Nana Patekar known for his simple lifestyle. has been generous in donating to charities.


9. He contributed money towards rebuilding of the flood ravaged villages in Bihar through the charitable organisation Anubhuthi


8. All the monetary remuneration he obtained for his performance in the movie Paathshaala was donated by him to five different charitable organisations.



7. When he was awarded the Raj Kapoor award which carries a cash prize of Rs 10,00,000, he donated the entire amount towards drought relief activities in Maharashtra.


6. He also provided financial aid to families of farmers who committed suicide due to indebtedness brought about by drought.


5. He distributed cheques worth Rs 15,000 to 62 families of farmers from Vidarbha region in August 2015 and another 113 families from Latur and Osmanabad districts of Marathwada in September 2015


4. As a shooter, Nana Patekar participated in state level competitions and he is an expert with guns and rifles. He’s also well acquainted with policing work.


3. Nana has his own private hide out which is a hut in a village far away from Pune. There is no electricity, no T.V., no fridge. He cooks his own food and even looks after his own farm. He has dug a well in the compound of his house and has a huge collection of birds and even different kinds of animals and even snakes who he calls “My friends, who are much better than the friends I have in Mumbai.”


2. He is a professional cricketer and a very good batsman and bowler. He has several friends in the Indian team and fires them whenever they play badly.


1. He has no fear of politicians. This writer has seen him blasting the former Prime Minster Mr. P V Narsimha Rao and said he had the right to talk to anyone in a democracy. He was a friend of Balasaheb Thackeray, but also has his differences with him which he openly expresses. He is a friend of both Udhav and Raj Thackeray, but is not interested in their politics.