Watching this movie is like running with Forest Gump to experience shades of life in drawing room!! The very first frame of the movie proves it to be a worthy of 6 Oscars. But nevertheless Oscar is only an award!

In the first frame a feather was going with the flow. And finally it rests at the feet of the Forest Gump. Various interpretations have been suggested for the feather present at the opening and conclusion of the movie. Tom Hanks interpreted The Feather as “Our destiny is only defined by how we deal with chance elements to our life and that’s kind of the embodiment of the feather as it comes in. Here is this thing that can land anywhere and that it lands at your feet.”

This movie is about the journey of a below average IQ person Forest Gump and how he takes life ordinarily and things get happened extraordinary! Only thing he doesn’t want to listen is that he is stupid. To just prove this he went all the way and did the things we could only imagine. He takes decision firmly without thinking even a single (future) step. He ‘Runs’without knowing the path and discovers new course for path for others to follow!

He runs but never escapes! He runs aimlessly and gives aim to path itself.

He is not a dreamer, neither visionary nor extraordinary. He is just simple! (What principle /society call as below average IQ student and took Forest’s mother’s dignity as bribe for his admission in the school). He is so simple as things themselves get simple to him.

Forest believes in three things-Mother, God and Jenny. He does not believe in himself as he never thoughts of it. His world has five persons- Mother, Jenny, Lieutenant Dan, Bubba and later his son. Though his world is so small, this world itself is proved small to him!

He never knew what love is. All he knew is Jenny!

He never knew what life is. All he knew is scattered events!!

As a part of knowledge he knows very few things in his life that he learned from his mother. He says “Mama always had a way of explaining things so he could understand things.” And what he understood are- “Density is what he has to find out”, “death is not a big thing but simply a part of life”, “his first pair of shoes could take him anywhere “, “life is a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get ” and “Stupid is as stupid does”!!

And with these few leanings he became a football star, war hero, national celebrity, shrimping boat captain and a college graduate!!

Thats why, “The world will never be the same once you have seen it through the eyes of Forest Gump”

So many things to say. but its better to watch it and make your own perception. this movie has tremendous aspects. lets catch each and every. Go and Experience a journey with Forest!

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